We love to create epic images, actually we are obsessed with it!

Ten Reasons why you should choose us as your wedding photographers:

10. Your day will be about you

We will be there to photograph your day, but never to take it over.  Sometimes we will be up close and sometimes you won't even notice us but no matter what we will always be thinking about you and your guests and making sure everyone is having a great day!  

9. You like our style

Hopefully if you are reading this you have had a look at some of our images and they appeal to you.  It is really important to choose a photographer that has a style that you like so you can feel comfortable on your wedding day, knowing that we will create photos that you will love.

8. We are photography nerds!

We can't stop talking about photography.  New gear, new techniques, locations, we are always pushing ourselves to become better.  We aren't just doing this as a job, we don't have a normal routine for every wedding, every single wedding is an opportunity  for us to create something great for our couples.

7. You don't want to be posed

We are not into posing couples in awkward positions to get traditional wedding portraits..  We can get great shots at your wedding by having fun, walking, talking, laughing and smiling.  Of course we will do the normal family shots, and put you in places with great backgrounds and amazing light but we promise definitely no unnatural posing!

6. If it rains, bring it on!

We're not scared of the rain.  If your day happens to be wet we will make the most of it and still get great shots. Our equipment is weather sealed and has been around water, mud dirt and dust so a little rain won't stop it.  Actually quite a few of our favourite images were taken on rainy days!

5. We love dogs, please tell us there will be a dog at your wedding?

If you are thinking of having your dog at your wedding then get in touch and we will add a nice bonus to your wedding package!  Jim got some great photos of Justin's dog Ted at his very own wedding :)

4. Backups of Backups

We each have two main professional camera bodies.  Both bodies shoot to two cards at once, so we have two copies of every image as soon as they are captured.  When we get back to the office we back up to multiple hard drives plus a RAID array (super nerdy!!). We understand how important your wedding photos are and we do everything I can to protect them.  If you book a 'Justin and Jim' package you even have a backup wedding photographer, if one of us goes down the other one will kick him out of the way and keep shooting! 

3. You want amazing photos, but you also want some money left for an amazing honeymoon

We completely understand how much weddings cost so we have put our packages together to provide the best coverage possible for a reasonable price.  You can't go back in time and get more photos of you wedding day, getting great images should be the first priority.  You can always order albums and wall art down the track, maybe even for your first anniversary.

2. It's not about the gear, but our gear is REALLY GOOD!

We have both invested a lot of time and money putting together great wedding photography kits.  Although amazing photographs have been taken on cheap cameras, even iPhones, but when you are investing money in a wedding photographer they should have really good gear gear. We both Shoot with the latest Nikon cameras along high end lenses and off camera lighting.   Your images will be super sharp and full of colour (except for the black and white ones!) 

1. Your day WILL be about YOU (definitely worth two mentions)

We would love to catch up for a coffee and talk about your wedding day!