Adam and Kim - Ulumbarra Wedding, Bendigo

One of the biggest compliments as a photographer is to have another photographer choose you to photograph their wedding. Adam and Kim from Kimberly Maree Photography were married in the  Connect Church Bendigo in January 2016.

After the ceremony we quickly headed off to Kim's family farm in Huntly, which was also were Adam proposed. After a walk through the forest it was then into the paddock before we headed down to the dam for a few photos with an antique couch!

Following a quick stop at The Capital for a few more photos, we headed to the Ulumbarra Theatre Bendigo for the reception.

Adam and Kim were keen for some dusk photos featuring the old gaol. The first dance was one of the most energetic and fun dances we have seen in a long time. The dance floor was filled all night, right up to the farewell arch as the couple ran down the stairs of the old gaol.

We cannot thank you enough for honouring us with the privilege of covering your day.

Justin and Jim.