Alana and Kris - Destination Beach Wedding, New Zealand

I think every photographers dream is to be flown around the world and shoot in amazing locations. So when Alana and Kris asked if I could shoot their wedding in New Zealand I jumped at the chance. Little did I know it was going to take place in one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen, Ahipara on 90 Mile Beach.

We usually get to know our couples fairly well before the wedding and on the day, but spending the week with Alana and Kris I really got a feeling of their genuine love for each other. It was fun helping setup the wedding and seeing how everything comes together.

Alana wore her mum's wedding dress, which is nearly 40 years old. When she first asked if she could use the dress her mum thought she wanted to cut it up and use it for roller derby. Luckily that wasn't the case and Alana also had another dress for the reception. The girls bouquets were made of feathers and were flown in from Australia. Kris was checking his grandfather's pocket watch regularily in anticipation for Alana's arrival. Once the couple saw each other for the first time their smiles were infectious and I dont think they stopped smiling all day. The ceremony was intermate with family and friends from both New Zealand and Australia.

After the ceremony we headed off in a 4X4 to the Ahipara Gumfields which looks over 90 Mile Beach, then it was onto Shipwreck Bay. It was totally worth me getting dumped by a huge wave for the rock photos! With the venue so close to the beach we scooted off quickly after the cake was cut for a quick photo session on the beach.

On the Monday after the wedding we borrowed some 4X4 quad bikes and headed up through the Ahipara Gumfields towards the sand dunes. We had a little trouble with one of the bikes and lost almost an hour, we changed bikes and after a long rough 4X4 track we made it. We had timed the session to give us an hour on the dunes but ended up with around 10 minutes before having to race back down the beach and get around the head before the storm and tide locked us in for hours. We just made it, with literally minutes to spare. It was a serious adventure!

Thank you Alana and Kris for all of your help over there and choosing me to cover your day!