Jared and Laura - Sutton Gange Winery, Bendigo

These guys make me smile and laugh every time I see them, so I knew their wedding was going to be nothing but fun all day! 

Laura and the girls got ready at a great house in Castlemaine. The hair and makeup was done by Boudoir Hair and Beauty I couldn't believe how great Laura's hair looked!

When I got to the winery Jared and the boys were waiting at the front as the guests arrived. You could see the excitement on Jared's face as he anticipated Laura's arrival in the Chevrolet Pullman Deluxe, which was a family car. As it come up the winding driveway Jared even instagrammed a photo of the car to announce the beginning of the ceremony to the world! I love that Jared and Laura brought so much of themselves into their wedding.

The ceremony was full of laughter and a few tears, before we knew it these guys were officially husband and wife!

After a quick group photo we took off with the bridal party to check out some of the great photo locations around the winery while the guests had a few drinks on the lawn.

When we got back it was time to head inside. Just after the entree was served I went for a look outside to find the sun was about to set. Luckily Jared and Laura were keen to duck out for 5 minutes and the sky lit up like fire! 
Little did I know Jim was also capturing this awesome sunset with his couple Zoe and Steve over at Chateau Dore! 
After only a minute or two the beautiful colour was gone, the sky faded to dark blue and we headed back inside. 

The speeches were fantastic! So much laughter, I had to to and hold the camera still while I laughed myself! 

After Jared and Laura's 'unmissable' first dance the party really kicked into gear and the dance floor was packed and still going strong when I left!